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Computer E-Waste Recycling

Interstate Metal and Alloy based in Nashua, NH, just off exit 5A from the Everett tnpk north, or from downtown Nashua just go west on Bridge street or E. Hollis. IMA is committed to environmental sustainability. We recognize the importance of protecting our planet’s natural resources. With the support of our customers, recycling electronics as it meets the end of it’s life cycle reduces the need for mining, lowers production costs for metal manufacturers and helps deliver quality metal products throughout the world. Electronics recycling is all part of our strategic approach to intelligent resource management and re-use.

  • Compliant E-Waste Recycling Services

Interstate Metal and Alloy offers many  E-Waste Recycling services. IMA has many recycling programs and is registered with the state of New Hampshire’s Department of Environmental Services (DES) and handles all electronic waste in strict compliance with all Local, State and Federal laws and regulations. Providing the greatest return for your obsolete IT equipment. In the most responsible, convenient and simplest way to recycle your electronic waste. From PCs to laptops to servers, our team of experts will pick up, evaluate, process and recycle all of your obsolete IT equipment.

  • Corporate Cleanouts

With our business on-site pickup, we make it as convenient as possible for you to take care of all of your e-waste recycling needs. Our professional team will come to your business or data center and remove all of your recyclable IT equipment along with any other scrap metals. Becoming a single stream recycler for your company. We take care of all the heavy lifting, packaging, transportation and recycling. To schedule a pick up, contact us, and we will take care of the rest.

Have just a few items, not enough to justify a big truck. No problem, IMA specializes in smaller corporate cleanouts. Just give us a call with a brief description of the items you need removed and one of our specialist will give you a quote to have it out of your way and recycled properly.

  • Asset Recovery

IMA offers reliable asset recovery for all of your IT assets, including computers, personal electronics, servers and more. Electronic equipment that has depreciated in value can still offer residual returns to your organization. When recycling old computers or electronics, we can help your organization receive the maximum possible value for retired, depreciated, or unwanted electronic equipment. Unlike other recyclers that only focus on the scrap metal value, we maximize the sales proceeds of your used IT assets by selling through a network of deep and well established channels that we have built as a trusted vendor of quality used equipment.

  • Serialized Inventory

Interstate Metal and Alloy offers asset reporting to ensure our clients’ confidence in our destruction services. Client’s assets are included in our inventory list with all identification stripped. Serial numbers for the assets are recorded, with items that are destroyed also being recorded and stored for auditing purposes and to ensure accountability. An inventory list is provided to our client for optimal transparency.

  • Data Destruction

IMA offers multiple processes to achieve total destruction of sensitive data based on our clients specific needs.

  • Data Wiping

Hard drives, solid state drives, RAID configurations, etc are put through the Department of Defense (DoD) standard for data erasure. (DoD 5220.22-M) Which involves a 3 pass process of overwriting. This ensures that all sensitive data is no longer accessible.

  • Physical Destruction

Some clients opt to have their hard drives physically destroyed. The best way to achieve this is incineration. In this process the hard drives would be shredded and then melted down and reused for their aluminum content. Interstate Metal and Alloy works closely with the largest foundries in the country to provide this service. Certificates of destruction are provided to our clients.

  • Precious Metal Recovery

Based on 30 years’ experience and a vast knowledge of the precious metals market. Interstate Metal and Alloy’s staff offers the best prices possible for circuit boards and other components from computers, servers, network equipment, cell phones and various other electronics.

Components such as processor chips, memory (ram), video cards, mother boards, riser cards, modem boards all contain precious metals and have value after being processed. IMA has the experience to assay such components and based on the current precious metal market (Gold, Silver, Palladium) can calculate the value of those components.

IMA can evaluate and purchase outright your circuit boards and other components. Pricing is based on precious metal content and current market conditions. In many cases an on-site evaluation can be done at no cost to the customer. IMA will send a representative to your facility to assay your material and give you a quote based on current precious metal markets.

To schedule an on-site evaluation please contact us.

  • Computer Recycling Center

Interstate Metal and Alloy located at 20 Simon St. Nashua, New Hampshire invites local residents to our facility Monday- Saturday to recycle their computer equipment. Our recycling company can handle anything from your computer to laptops, server equipment etc. for free. IMA is proud to work with the local community and all of New England toward our ultimate goal of zero e-waste going into our landfills. Servicing all nearby communities, such as Concord, Manchester, Merrimack and Londonderry. Only by working together and following EPA guidelines can we create a sustainable future for our children.

For larger volume customers and commercial accounts please contact us for pricing or to schedule a pickup.

Items accepted for free computer recycling from residents:


For additional information on these services, or if you have any questions please contact us.